I take the blade guard Gary David is waiting to hand me and

And your protesting what?”The Windsor Minor Hockey Association said that after an internal investigation carried out in consultation with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, it passed a motion suspending Lapierre for the rest of the 2016 17 season, which ends April 9.The motion further orders the 48 year old Lapierre to take a workshop by the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre of Windsor and other training programs on respect and ethics when dealing with social media.The hockey association has also demanded a written apology from Lapierre.”It was taken very seriously,” Dave Pickford, the association’s vice president of travel said in an interview. “We realized that we have to institute changes to the way we do business. Dean’s actions reflected negatively on Windsor Minor Hockey Association and we’re taking steps to deal with that.”The association will update its Code of Conduct to reflect behaviour expected of all its volunteers, particularly when using social media.

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