As the exhaust flow energy increases it is diverted to a

If I may some theory please let me see if I understand this correctly you balance the clocks on your system so that the equivalent temperature of the loop is between 70 F and 100 F under load and the idol temps would be around 10 degrees below ambient is this about right if so then adding more ice allows for greater clocks right but you still have to balance the outcome to what the ice is capable of removing from the water so in a way the ice has become your radiator idea wonder if you could achieve greater results if you molded your ice into different shapes for instance tall thin cubes so that the water would have to flow through them maybe around 60 mm thick and roughly the size of the cooler. Maybe try 3 to start, the type of bags that you can seal with a iron would work well for this idea. Cut like 3 holes into the bag, seal the area around the holes.

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